Frontal view of a bed bug

Frontal view of a bed bug

Bed bugs are very tiny creatures that are scientifically named Cimex lectularius. Are you really curious about how bed bugs look like?

Your chances of getting face to face with bed bugs is really slim. You can only see them by looking at their pictures, which are published in text books, magazines and Internet sites. Read more . . .

Adult bed bug

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Bed bug infestation

Bed bugs are very small insects with scientific name Cimex lectularius. Through the decades, these insects are considered notorious pests in different countries, be it in the US, in Europe, in Asian countries and even in Africa.

When seen from the top bed bugs look like flattened creatures, and for sure, you wouldn’t want to look at them at any other angle. They are so small, that one can hardly see and look at them, unless aided by magnifying glasses or lenses. Read more . . .

Bug bites

When children scratch these itchy wheals, infection may arise. Children can’t control the scratching, especially that bed bug bites are more itchy than dust mites or mosquito bites. There are reports that when these wheals get infected due to scratching, bullous eruptions happen.

Some individuals develop insomnia, anxiety, and stress due to bed bugs infestation. They didn’t “have a good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite” night. Read more . . .

Bedbug bites

“Don’t let the bed bugs bite” – Do you know the person who said this? Wherever it came from, the phrase holds a grain of truth to it. It starts with the villain, the bed bugs. Bed bugs are bloodsucking insects that thrive in warm areas of your furniture like the bed, couch, draperies and carpets.

They are tiny parasites and they feed on a blood meal like a flea. In general, the bed bugs prefer human blood. The adage “Don’t let the bed bugs   Read more . . .