Bed bug on a knife edge

There is a tiny and extremely annoying pest plaguing modern households.  There was a time when bed bugs were said to frequent only the dingiest of motels.  Now, they are finding their way into average homes across North America.

Health experts and authorities believed that bed bug infestations were eliminated with DDT use in the 1940s.  In the 1990s, however, the problem began to resurface. There are a couple of factors that may have contributed to this reoccurrence.  International travelers are believed to be the main culprits, as bed bugs can still be found quite regularly in parts of Asia, Africa and Europe. Read more . . .

Wooden cabinet full of bed bugs

Pests have consistently been a part of the major concerns or problems that affect agriculture and production industries.

The proliferation of pests eventually results in the occurrence of diseases, thus health organizations and agencies come in to join the big picture.

Over the years, mankind has learned to develop different and potent equipment and chemicals to control these pests. The past and present status of pest infestation is the best judge to determine if the efforts were either effective or ineffective. Read more . . .