Full grown bed bug


The Hilton Hotel has created for itself an image of elegance, class, and excellent service. But in the recent years, there have been some complaints of bed bugs at Hilton hotel. The Internet has been a rich source of patron’s disappointment at the problem of bed bugs at Hilton hotel. Because the management does not acknowledge that bed bugs do exists at Hilton hotel branches, the customers are suing them.

Bed bugs at Hilton hotel may not be a normal occurrence. It is only of late that things have been starting to heat up between patrons and management about the bed bugs at Hilton hotel. One of the major issues is that the hotel staff is not accommodating in trying to settle the problem of bed bugs at Hilton hotel. Read more . . .

A cozy hotel room


It’s always pleasant to find a surprise when you stay in a hotel room.  A free upgrade or complimentary fruit basket is always a good touch.  But a few little extras — like bed bugs — are much nastier surprises.

A hotel can be one of the major carriers of bed bugs.  This shouldn’t really come as a surprise,  as bed bugs are known to breed and live  in beds and mattresses.  The growing number of complaints about bed bugs from hotel guests only proves that the problem is steadily rising.       Read more . . .

Right arm with plenty of bug bites


You’ve spent months planning your ideal vacation.  Imagine a five-star hotel in a tropical paradise.  Your grand vacation will have everything dreams are made of.  And,   perhaps,  a little bit more.

If travelers knew that there is a ninety percent chance that well-known hotel chains,  even presidential suites in five-star hotels are prone to bed bugs,  there would be far fewer bodies lining the beaches.  Your favorite hotel may have hosted a bed bug infestation,  while clients slept completely unaware. Read more . . .

Newly hatched bed bugs


After World War I, the widespread use of DDT (which is currently banned for use) have caused the eradication of bed bugs. On the other hand, bed bugs are now starting to make a comeback. There is even a possibility that it may infest your own household if you checked in a hotel or motel with bed bug infestation.

Hotels Infested With Bed Bugs

Hotels infested with bed bugs are not that rare. In fact, the perfect place for bed bug transmission is either a motel or a hotel. Immigrants that lived in a country or location infested with bed bugs are presumed to be the harbingers of bed bugs in the US when they bring along luggage. Bed-and-breakfasts, motels, and hotels where immigrants and international travelers stay and unpack their luggage are where bed bugs start to hitchhike. Read more . . .